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Transport projects

There continues to be something of a transport theme at the moment. Firstly we have the A96 Dualling programme, aimed at achieving the Scottish Government’s commitment to dual the A96 between Aberdeen and Inverness. by 2030.

As we reported, there are two options in the immediate vicinity of Kintore. Running to the north-east of Inverurie are a number of options collectively known as blue-green-violet. To the south west of Inverurie is the orange route which would traverse Shaw Hill before crossing the Don and heading round Inverurie to the west of the existing bypass.

For Kintore the greatest impact would be a huge viaduct across the flood plain at Tavelty, should the blue-green-violet option be selected. This bridge would take A96 traffic, plus additional traffic from Oldmeldrum, across to Kintore where it would join the existing A96 to run into Aberdeen.

Anyone who remembers the serious flooding in Port Elphinstone and Kintore in January 2016 is bound to be worried by the possibility of any construction work on the flood plain.

With the Scottish Government’s announcement of a climate emergency, it has been estimate blue-green-violet route would produce 1,700,000 tons of carbon dioxide over 30 years (this is from construction, loss of 1,769 acres of farmland, plus car and truck emissions). By contrast, upgrading the existing A96 has been estimated as producing 17 times less at 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

Aberdeenshire Council’s submission to Transport Scotland said: “The Council considers the greatest strategic benefits for the area can be achieved by pursuing a route option that is as close as possible to the existing line of the A96”.

Community council chairperson, Fiona Cooper has made a video appeal for people to email their views on on the A96 dualling to You can see the video on the news pages of and the Kintore Facebook page.

Aberdeen to Inverness rail upgrade

The other big transport development is the Aberdeen to Inverness railway line. The dualling of the track between Inverurie and Aberdeen is currently taking place, as most residents will be well aware.

Because of the need to keep the railway operating during the day, much of the work has to take place at night. Inevitably, this has caused considerable inconvenience.

At our April community council meeting a delegation of residents attended and told us how the work was causing huge problems and even affecting health, due to lack of sleep. Councillor Fergus Hood set up a meeting the next day with Aberdeenshire Council’s Environmental Health officers, which produced an agreement to halt the most disruptive night work.

Considerable disruption is inevitable for rail services this summer and Network Rail held two drop-in sessions at Kintore Golf Club in April to explain. Just to recap these are the rail closure dates as reported on the Network Rail website.

Saturday 4 May - Friday 14 Jun (6 weeks) - Bus replacement Dyce to Inverurie
Saturday 15 Jun - Friday 9 Aug (8 weeks) - Bus replacement Dyce to Huntly
Saturday 10 Aug - Monday 12 Aug (3 days) - Bus replacement Aberdeen to Inverness
Tuesday 13 Aug - Monday 19 Aug (6 days) - Bus replacement Aberdeen to Huntly

Another major disruption will be the 11-week closure of the level crossing at Boat of Kintore. It will be closed from June 1 to August 18, while it is rebuilt. The only exception will be that pedestrian crossing will be possible from July 1 to August 1.

While the rail services are suspended, work on Kintore Station will be underway. So far there has been some clearance of tree as this had to be done before the nesting season.

But, there was disappointment that Network Rail are now stating that the opening date of the station is expected to be May 2020 – five months later than the December 2019 date we had previously been given.

The Square

It is great to see the reopening of the former Kintore Arms Inn as The Square, with hotel, restaurant and bar occupying this historic building. This adds to the vibrancy of our town centre.

We’re keen to see more being made of the historic centre of Kintore. Our Kintore community charity is working on a long-term project to try to bring the magnificent 18th century Town House back into use for the benefit of the community.

With Kintore now being the tenth largest town in Aberdeenshire, Councillor Glen Reid has made some progress on our suggestion that Kintore should to be considered for funding Aberdeenshire under the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Regeneration Fund’ House. In particular we are hoping that this might help to kick start the Town House project and the 2007 proposals to upgrade the immediate area around the Town House.

Related to this, it is really good to see the fountain back working again. It will be officially unveiled on Saturday, May 25 – the day of the Kintore Summer Festival.

The only adverse comment we have received (and it was a jocular complaint) is that John Dossett as they now constantly think it is raining when hear the water and water droplets through the door!

Your chance to get involved

Do you have ideas how to improve Kintore as a community, supporting local groups and individuals and promoting our town? If so, this could be your opportunity to contribute.

Nominations to fill 11 vacancies on Kintore and District Community Council will open on Tuesday, May 7 for Kintore and District Community Council.

You can get nomination forms from the Returning Officer: Margaret-Jane Cardno, Gordon House, Blackhall Road, Inverurie AB51 3WA - 01467 533458 Or you can pick them up from Kintore Public Hall, Kintore Post Office, The Bothie and both primary schools.

Completed nomination forms must be returned by 4pm on Tuesday, 28 May 2019 and an election will take place on Monday, 10 June 2019 in The Bothie, Kintore between 6pm and 8pm, only if the nominees outnumber the spaces available.

The community council’s AGM will take place on Tuesday, 18 June 2019 at 7pm in Kintore Primary School.

Waste and recycling

Councillor Glen Reid has been the prime mover in getting a garden waste recycling point in Kintore. This will be in the Kintore Primary School car park every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm, from now until November 2.

This is for bagged garden waste only, as garden waste has to be lifted into the collection lorry. Large items and trailer loads of loose garden waste should still be taken to recycling centres.

Following the shelving, due to funding issues, of the planned new waste strategy involving an extra bin, Aberdeenshire council is to roll out new procedures for kerbside collection of recycling.

The new procedures are being rolled out across Aberdeenshire. Kintore is not included in the initial locations for the revised procedures, but it will be included in the roll-out at a later date.

Under these new measures, collection crews will visually check each recycling bin for contaminated recycling before emptying and any with severe contamination will not be emptied.

Moderately contaminated bins will be emptied with an orange tag giving advice. Bins will not be collected until offending material is removed.

Kintore Summer Festival

We’re all looking forward to the Kintore Summer Festival on Saturday, May 25. The community council will be there and we look forward to seeing you.

Well done to the Kintore Summer Festival team for all the hard work they put in to make the day so special.
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