Is this an opportunity for Town House and The Square?

The Scottish Government has set up a £50 million Town Centre Regeneration Fund. Of that, £3.29 million has been given to Aberdeenshire Council for projects in this area.

Kintore Town House © copyright image

Examples of the sort of project to be supported “… include the re-purposing of empty buildings for housing or social and community enterprises”.

Given that Kintore has a live project to bring our magnificent and historic Town House back into use for the community, can we – as Aberdeenshire’s tenth largest town – expect some of that funding to be earmarked for Kintore?

Could it also be used to kick start the stalled Aberdeenshire Council proposal to upgrade The Square, by sorting out the messy tarmac and replacing it with granite and Caithness flagstones.

Can you imagine sitting at a table in the newly-refurbished Square, admiring our 18th century Town House, back in use for the community.

The proposals to upgrade The Square were put forward in 2014 and have never been implemented. Five years later, maybe this sort of Scottish Government funding could help to get things moving?

We need this sort of support to achieve it.

Or will Kintore miss out again?
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