Flood Scheme Public Consultation

The Inverurie and Port Elphinstone Flood Study meeting took place last night at Inverurie Academy. It transpires that the flood scheme, currently being developed, covers Inverurie and Port Elphinstone only.

Kintore flood Januar 2016 © copyright photo

There was some considerable disappointment and surprise that a flood scheme for Kintore is planned for the next study in about three years. The team, however, pointed out that the modelling of the flooding extends to Kintore and, indeed, all the way to Dyce.

The team confirmed that climate change is being considered when examining flood risk. Although, it does seem that one of the public attendees caused them a moment of confusion when he raised the subject of snow melt. Climate change, the audience member pointed out, could result in snow melt from the Grampians coinciding with heavy rain.

For Kintore, the bottom line is that this modelling will be useful when a flood scheme is considered for Kintore. But, it seems we have to hope there are no major flooding incidents before a proper flood scheme is considered for our town.

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