The Deer's Den Bar & Diner

The Square Bar and Lounge is launching a new venture – The Deer’s Den Bar and Diner.

The Deer's Den

The new business is taking over the bar and restaurant at Kintore Golf Club. The Deer’s Den Bar and Diner launches on Monday, February 4. More information is promised soon.

The name comes from the Deer’s Den Roman Camp at Kintore, the site of which stretches from the back of Kintore Primary School across the A96. Deer’s Den was one of a chain of Roman Camps and it was occupied in the first century AD and again in the second or third century.

A huge camp, Deer’s Den had the largest number of Roman bread ovens found in the UK. These kept the centurions fuelled with a basic form of pizza – a flat bread base covered with cheese, egg and vegetables.
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