Community council update

An update on some of the issues raised at the January meeting of Kintore and District Community Council

Forest Road flats
There are revised plans for the 24-flat development on Forest Road, on the site that was originally on the market for a retail development. There appeared to be little change from the original application which raised concerns about the scale of the development, additional traffic on Forest Road and parking.

A96 Dualling
The community council had an update on the A96 Dualling project. It was felt that the most popular choice for the route is the existing A96 Inverurie by-pass. But, although the 2015 Jacobs report appears to say it is viable, Transport Scotland say that there is 21 metres clearance between the fence lines, when 25 metres is required.

It has been reported that the blue-green-violet route option, to the north east of Inverurie would be particularly intrusive due to its higher elevation, with particular concern about the intrusive slope down from Hill of Balbithan towards a new viaduct on the River Don flood plain. The viaduct would take A96 traffic across to Kintore and the authorities also seem keen to draw additional traffic from the A947 to add to the existing traffic on the A96 from Kintore into Aberdeen.

It has been estimated that blue-green-violet route would result in an estimated annual loss of £760,000 of agricultural production due to 63 farms being split and 1,760 acres of quality agricultural land taken for the road.

Aberdeenshire Council
The councillors at the meeting told the meeting that the council budget had to be set in February, but Cllr Martin Ford said that the council is facing difficult issues in setting the budget. He said he would have more information for the February meeting of the community council.

Kintore Facilities
There was a long-standing frustration that Kintore, as Aberdeenshire’s tenth largest town, seems to be missing out on the sort of community facilities that other towns of its size expect.

Fiona Cooper, the community council chair person, is keen to look at updating the Kintore Community Action Plan as a means of identifying priorities for Kintore. This would be discussed further at the February community council meeting.
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