Kintore keeps missing out

At last night's Kintore and District Community Council meeting, disappointment was expressed at the way that Kintore seems to miss out on community facilities.

One long-serving community council member confirmed that this was an issue that had hampered Kintore for her entire time on the community council.

Kintore needs to be recognised as Aberdeenshire’s tenth largest town, with the facilities to match that status

The problem seemed to be that Kintore was often seen as being a suburb of Inverurie, rather than as Aberdeenshire’s tenth largest town, that needed its own facilities.

It was proposed that the community council should look at ways to update the 2015 study into the facilities needed for the Kintore community.

Based on that, Kintore should be more assertive about requesting the level of support and facilities that a town of Kintore’s size should expect.

Kintore it was felt, needed better facilities for young people, with discussion mentioning a skate park. Sports facilities also needed improved with mention of the need for more football pitches, a gym and tennis courts.

Kintore also lacked a community centre, which is something that most other communities enjoy.

On the commercial front there is still no full-size supermarket and no filling station.
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