Tuach Hill access reopened

Access to Tuach Hill is to be reinstated. It has been closed for some time following the discovery of asbestos fragments.

Aberdeenshire Council and site owners Malcolm Allan Housebuilders Ltd have confirmed that, following clean up restrictions to access have now been lifted.

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“This has been an ongoing saga which has restricted local residents’ access to Tuach Hill,” says Councillor Fergus Hood who has been negotiating with his colleague Councillor Dominic Lonchay. “I am pleased that the community will be able to continue to enjoy this outstanding site in Kintore.”

“While some individuals were advocating an antagonistic approach,” Councillor Lonchay adds, “this satisfying solution is the result of close cooperation and understanding between the interested parties who worked together to allow this iconic site to be reopened.”

“We are very pleased that the asbestos risk has been down rated to negligible,” Colin Wood, Technical Manager at Malcolm Allan Housebuilders Ltd, explains. “The precautionary approach, restricting access on public health grounds is no longer necessary and we are happy to agree immediate reinstatement of access to Tuach Hill for responsible use by the public.

“We would like to thank Councillors Hood and Lonchay for their valued cooperation in finding a solution to this difficult problem.”

In making the announcement all parties reminded visitors to Tuach Hill that – with the access being reinstated on the path – they must behave responsibly, taking into account that Tuach Hill is in effect a private property and part of an active agricultural operation.

Visitors are therefore reminded that crops should not be harmed, and that livestock should not be bothered, by dogs or otherwise.

Moreover, dog owners are requested to keep their dogs under control and particularly to pick up litter and any dog mess. Dog fouling is an offence, and will be treated as such by regular dog warden visits. An £80.00 fine is the penalty for the first offence. Dog fouling can be reported to the dog warden at
dog.warden@aberdeenshire.gov.uk, or call 01467 539481. Details require to be submitted within 7 days include date and time, description of dog and owner, vehicle registration (if available); a statement is also compulsory.
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