Concerns for the safety of our children

At the Kintore and District Community Council meeting last night members and councillors heard safety concerns for children attending Kintore School, from a local resident and the crossing patroller.

Speeding concerns at Kintore School

Their concern had been sparked by the number of near misses with children in the vicinity of the school. It was quite shocking that quite a number of the culprits, driving too fast in the vicinity of the school, appeared to be parents delivering and collecting their children from the school.

The meeting heard how there appeared to be an alarming disregard for the 20 mph limit that applies when the lights flash. The crossing patroller said she reckoned eight out of every ten cars was currently exceeding the 20 mph limit and said she believed the signs were no longer prominent enough.

It was suggested that a sign showing drivers’ actual speeds might embarrass drivers who were currently ignoring the speed limit.

It was recognised that there had been issues with these lights being wrongly timed and flashing in the evenings and during school holidays. This, it was agreed, could lead to people disregarding the warnings.

The school crossing patroller questioned the visibility of the orange globe beacons on the zebra crossing and pointed out that other crossings in Aberdeenshire had much more visible circular LED lights.

One of the Aberdeenshire councillors said there was a programme for the upgrading of pedestrian crossing lights and Kintore would have to wait its turn in that programme. A community councillor said he hoped that the Aberdeenshire councillors could encourage the council to accelerate the upgrade of the crossing in Kintore, in light of serious safety concerns.

Another measure that was proposed was railings to make sure that children used the crossing.

The Police Scotland representative at the meeting said that he would set up a speed camera and would also look at scheduling police with a speed gun to be stationed, regularly, at the school to enforce the 20 mph speed limit.

Councillor Martin Ford reported there is a proposal at the Scottish Parliament to change the default speed limit for all built up areas in Scotland from 30 mph to 20 mph.
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