Fire Brigade blocked by parked cars

At the community council meeting this week, those present heard from police that a fire engine, on the way to a fire, had been obstructed by parked cars in Allendale Gardens which, we were told, had not left sufficient room for emergency vehicle access.

When you park leave room for Fire Engine

This could clearly have had very serious consequences. At the very least, it could have cause considerable delay in responding to the emergency, as the vehicles causing the obstruction would have to be moved, by whatever means necessary.

We all like convenience.

We all like to be able to park at our own door.

But, as you do so, please stop and take a second look at where you have parked. Have you left enough space for an ambulance or fire engine to get past?

Next time it could be your life, or your property, on the line.

(At the meeting, we were given an insight into what happens in New York if a car is parked in front of a fire hydrant. The Fire Department are likely to break both front windows to pass the hose through from one side to the other!)
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