Watch out, there's a thief about

Reports of some people trying doors last night in the Hallforest area of Kintore are a timely reminder to remember to lock your doors and outbuildings.

An invitation to thieves - car keys on the hall table

The police often tell us that one of the most common crimes in Kintore is opportunists simply checking people’s front doors. If the door is open they will nip into the house and take what they can.

Often, that is the set of car keys that you have very handily placed on the hall table – just where they can grab them and run out to steal your car.

Don’t make it easy for the thief.

  • Don’t leave your front door or outhouses unlocked.
  • Don’t leave your keys, or other valuables, on the hall table

If you need your keys handy in the hallway, maybe you should fix a small key safe box, with a combination lock.

And, of course, never be tempted to leave your keys in the ignition – even while you go to get the windscreen de-icer or hot water!
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