Kintore Community Council report

At the November 2017 meeting, we welcomed representatives from Aberdeenshire Council who gave a presentation on the Local Development Plan 2021. The idea of this pre-consultative stage is to give the Community the opportunity to engage with the council and raise issues, which are paramount to our Community.

The workshop, which followed the presentation allowed those who attended the meeting to score different aspects of community life such as facilities, amenities, play and recreation, parking and housing. All concerns raised have been documented and will be taken forward to the next part of the process for further discussion.

Youth Report, - the Bothie
Our Youth development worker, Rachel Lewis, is still attending Kemnay Academy assemblies and providing support to all children who attend the Bothie. 2018 is the “year of the young person” and it is hoped that events can be held locally to celebrate young people and the role that they play in our Community. Community Support for our young people is crucial for their future and that of Kintore.

Work to repair the fountain outside the Town Hall is planned to get under way spring/summer as money from the Common Good Fund has been allocated and a contractor finally found to carry out the work.

Action Kintore
Action Kintore Ltd who run the Bothie have submitted a Cat 1 Community Asset Transfer Application for the Town House. The Cat 1 has been approved and they now have 3 months to create a business plan to submit and present to the council.

Angling Club
Brian Johnstone is in the process of finalising an agreement with the council for the Angling Club to take over the Common Good Land at the Golf Course. Kintore and Inverurie are going to take over the Burgh council fishing for 2018 on a 1-year licence.
Pavement gritting during recent bad weather

There was widespread concern amongst the community with regard to the lack of gritting of pavements during the bad weather with many accidents being reported due to icy conditions and reports of older residents being housebound. Cllr Hood advised that the council changed their policy on gritting due to the past few milder winters but the policy would now be reviewed to reinstate gritting routes and pavement gritters.

It was agreed that the Chairman will email Stephen Archer the Director of Infrastructure to convey the community’s dissatisfaction at the Council’s gritting policy and request that it be changed to ensure that pavements would be gritted along with roads in the future.

Community access to Midmill School
All our Councillors have been working very hard to gain community access to Midmill Primary School. There’s already limited access but they are looking at a policy change to go through council to formalise the access. Their report will go to their February meeting.

Council flood mitigation plans for Kingsfield Road area
Cllr Hood advised that the above was discussed at the Council meeting held on the 16th of January 2018. The Chief Executive
Jim Savage has said that the Infrastructure Director has put a hold on this scheme as the council currently has overspent £3.5M of their budget. However, this does not mean that this scheme has been cancelled.

It has also been realised that the bund that was initially planned will have to be made longer. The landowner is looking for an offer of compensation from the council in respect of the strip of land he was going to give up to facilitate the building of the bund. He would also like to know who would be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the bund. This too is slowing the process down.

Tuach Hill access
Tuach Hill access has again been closed and now gates are blocking 2 access points. Council officers have visited the site and marked out the asbestos site and outlined it on their map and it is their view that the area blocked off is actually accessible. The informal process has now ended and now formal communications will begin this week with a view to opening the path and hill. It is the view of the council that this is a well-used area and should be open to the public.

Environmental Health and Planning confirmed that the Local Authority has indeed asked the landowner to restrict public access to the area of land which has been contaminated. However, Officers do consider the interventions taken by the land owner at Tuach Hill to be excessive and disproportionate and have been trying unsuccessfully to negotiate with the land owner to allow access.

The Council has confirmed that these discussions have not been as productive as hoped so a formal procedure to gain public access will now begin.

Community Resilience planning
The community resilience plan is almost complete. The next stage is to put a summary out to the Community made up of the key elements: Plan, repair, respond and recover.

Planning permission is required for the noise element of the emergency generator and a surrounding frame is currently being sourced. We are still trying to find a local electrician who is willing to carry out work on
installation. If anyone can help, please get in touch.
Our meetings take place on the third Tuesday of the month, at Kintore School, starting at 7pm and the next one is on 20th March, 2018. We actively encourage new people to attend our meetings, so please come along and get involved.

Fiona Cooper
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