Balbithan road safety

At Kintore and District Community Council last night there was praise for the work that Aberdeenshire Council have completed on the road up Balbithan, past the Kintore Golf Club.

In the last fortnight a council workman has remove a veritable forest of broom bushes that were enclosing the road, making visibility much better.

Improved safety Balbithan Road, Kintore

Nowhere is this improvement more noticeable than on the nasty blind bend just up from the golf clubhouse. As the picture above shows, it is now possible to see oncoming traffic.

Previously, drivers had cross fingers and crawl round the corner with the hand on the horn.

On other sections of road it is now possible to see oncoming traffic much earlier.

In fact, the only downside is that we can now see the disgusting amount of litter that our fellow citizens jettison on the way up the hill! Are you really too lazy to (a) stop and drop it in a bin, or (b) take it home and put it in your own bin?
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