What a waste!

More that twice the weight of the steel that went into building the new Queensferry Crossing. That’s how much waste we, in the Aberdeenshire Council area, send to landfill each year – 80,000 tonnes.

We could and should do much better. That was the message delivered to the Kintore and District Community Council meeting last night.

waste going to landfill

In Aberdeenshire we currently only recycle 43.5% of our waste.

Most of our waste ends up at the Stoneyhill landfill site near Peterhead. It is reckoned that:
  • 62.6% of the landfill is items that should be recycled
  • 21.8% is food waste that should go in the green food caddies to go for composting
  • 9.5% is food waste still in its packaging
  • 4% is textiles or footwear that someone else could use.

A substantial amount of the foodstuffs wrongly thrown into our black, or grey bins is potatoes and bread – like all food waste this should be put in a biodegradable bag inside the green caddies, for collection. (Remember, if you need more biodegradable bags, just tie one to the handle of your caddy as you put it at the kerbside.)

The councillors reminded us of the importance that we check what goes in the mixed dry recycling (blue lidded) bins. Anything wrongly put in there can end up contaminating a whole load, meaning it, too, has to go to landfill.

So there is a lot we can do to reduce landfill waste.

And it is be in our interests to do something about it. It costs £15 million to handle Aberdeenshire’s waste and that comes out of our pockets as tax.
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