State of icy pavements discussed by community council

The state of roads and pavements in Kintore, during the recent periods of snow and ice, was a point of discussion at this week’s Kintore and District Community Council.

The state of the pavements, in particular, had been the subject of much adverse comment on the Kintore Facebook page. The meeting heard a number of reports of a broken collarbone, broken knee and an 81-year-old who broke her wrist. It also heard that many elderly people had been afraid to go out and were running short of food as a result.

Savik winter shots 1426

One community council member asked what had happened to the narrow motorised pavement gritter that used to be a regular winter sight around the town. Was it sitting unused?

The state of the road past Kintore Golf Club up Hill of Balbithan was also raised, with reports that it had not received any salt or grit, leaving it in a treacherous state, not helped by the poor visibility due to broom bushes encroaching on the road and obscuring visibility at corners.

Councillor Fergus Hood said that, after several mild winters, the council had apologised for the issues with winter maintenance. He assured the meeting that winter maintenance was to be stepped up.

There was a suggestion that volunteers could augment council gritting work.

To this end was asked to invite members of the Kintore community to suggest where grit boxes should be located.

If you wish to suggest locations where grit boxes are needed, please post a comment at the bottom of this page, or add a comment to the story on our Facebook page.
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