Asbestos scare closes Tuach Hill

Tuach Hill, the popular walking area at the heart of Kintore, has been closed off by Aberdeenshire Council following the discovery of crysotile asbestos.

Tuach Hill

At this stage there is no word about when Tuach Hill may re-open, but this kind of asbestos is carcinogenic, so, caution is clearly the best approach. As yet there has been no word of a timescale for the removal of the material.

Tuach Hill has been a popular area for recreation for generations in Kintore. It is believed to be the source of the gaelic “ceann tor” (“the head of the hill&rdquoWinking which was anglicised into the name Kintore.

Thanks to Nick Archibald for these two pictures:

Asbestos sign

Asbestos notice

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