RBS Kintore mobile branch to close?

Rumours are circulating that the Royal Bank of Scotland are about to withdraw the mobile bank service that has provided a banking lifeline for Kintore. As RBS’s own website explains, the mobile bank is a: “vital banking service for rural and semi-rural communities”.

It is said the bank are to stop serving Kintore in September.

Midmill Business Park Kintore

It would be ironic if RBS were to withdraw banking at a time when the business park (above) is expanding rapidly and a 600-home Kintore East development is about to start.

Currently the RBS mobile bank visits The Square in the centre of Kintore – between J&G Dossett, the butcher, and The Square Bar – on Monday between 10.25 am and 10.45 am.

With the RBS Westhill branch due to close in October, Royal Bank of Scotland customers will have to review their banking relationships.

Personally I’ve been with the Royal Bank all my working life, but – faced with having to travel into Aberdeen or Inverurie when I need to make a deposit or other non-ATM transaction – I fear I may have to consider switching banks.

I still have some hope that – like the closure of the Clydesdale Bank ATM in The Square – this rumour may prove unfounded.
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