A sign of what is to come?

Is this a sign of what is to come for Tuach Hill, the much loved open space in the heart of Kintore and the hill that gave Kintore its name?

Digger and pickup on Tuach Hill, Kintore

This photograph was taken by Paul Davison and, as he says it was “taken on my iPhone in a snowstorm”, so the quality is not great. But it clearly shows a digger and a pick-up truck on Tuach Hill.

“It looks like they are making an archaeological survey,” Paul reckons, “but the location of the scrapes is where they want to put the new road. The location was on the bank next to the long barrow.”

Paul it looked like about 40 yards from the existing access road, that many of those opposed to the new access road believe could provide satisfactory access for Kintore East.
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