Broadband: Community Fibre Partnerships

If, like us – you are more than 1200 metres from a fibre connection and are struggling with a connection that drops as low as 1.5 MB, when people just a mile or so away are enjoying up to 50 MB – then you may look to community fibre partnerships as a potential solution to bring our broadband into the 21st century.

I did.

broadband failures in Kintore

Then I waited for the contact back. The reply was not the one I expected.

BT tell me that our postcode is one that is being considered for an “enhanced Digital Scotland programme currently under review”.

I tried to get more details and received this response:

“Digital Scotland are just in the process of agreeing the contract for the enhancement to their roll-out plans. The contracts have not been formally signed yet so, of course, there’s no indication or confirmation of the plans on their website at this time.

“There’s no guarantee that all the properties within said postcodes will get covered but equally, we can’t consider a Community Fibre solution when we don’t know what the target coverage would actually be at this time or, indeed, if it will be required at all.”

If you are also in an area just outside Kintore, and too far away from the broadband connection box to benefit from fibre broadband speeds, you might want to consider a community fibre partnership.

Our experience would certainly suggest not spending too much time firing up enthusiasm from your neighbours, until you find out if you actually need to go down that route. Get your enquiry in and see what response you get.

Once you register your interest on the website, BT should be able to give you a ballpark figure for connecting your neighbourhood to fibre broadband.

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