Community Council broadband survey

Kintore and District Community Council are looking for your help to establish how the broadband service in Kintore is progressing.

“The community council is getting conflicting reports about broadband in and around Kintore,” community council member Ken McEwen explains. “While people close to the exchange seem to able to connect at good speeds, many of those who are further away are still stuck with unacceptably slow connections.

“When the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme was launched, there was a great deal of talk about bringing superfast broadband to rural communities. It is only in the past six months that it has become clear that replacing the old copper cables to more outlying addresses was never part of the programme.

Kintore broadband survey

“The speed losses on the old copper cable network are such that any property that is more than 1200 metres from the fibre connection is unlikely to see any speed benefit. What has been difficult to establish is how many people are affected and how widespread the problem is, which is one of the things we hope to find out with this survey.

“In the interest of getting a proper balance, we really need those who are closer to the exchange and have good broadband speeds, to complete the survey too.”

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below (or on the web at Please share this and encourage friends and neighbours in the Kintore area to complete the survey.

Please note the survey closes on Sunday, March 19.

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