Community chairman's report

Following on from the approved minutes of the Kintore and District Community Council Annual General Meeting, we have now received a copy of the chairman’s report to the AGM.

Kintore and District Community Council AGM September 2016
Chairman’s Report

“It seems we discuss the same topics each month, and unfortunately many items take a long time to resolve.

“Many frustrations - Scheme of Establishment East Kintore, Town Park

“Positive items, the pub is open, Primary School almost complete, Town House development and asset transfer plans progressing, Fountain leaked but will be repaired and operational for next year. Fireworks display another great success, Summer Festival. Council Fishing rights hopefully to be transferred to KAC.

“Commercial developments continue for Kintore, Dentist, Restaurant, Hairdresser at Midmill. This year we have begun discussions regarding Community Mosaics, Community Artwork, Disappointments, decision not to locate a Secondary school meantime at Kintore.

“On very Major issues for Kintore were of course the flooding and I would like to again commend all the amazing local and some not so local volunteers but in particular Kenny Thomson, Elizabeth and all other volunteers who helped us during and after the floods.

“We have enjoyed great support from the local businesses and individuals for the provision of the floral displays again this year and I must mention Ainslie Reid and his team of volunteers who have done a terrific job in delivering and maintaining fantastic displays.

“People do care what is happening and have strong opinions on what needs to happen for the future benefit of Kintore.

“So, I hopefully look forward to continuing next year...... and strongly recommend all to get involved in some way, we have vacancies in the Community Council and the more members we have the more we will be able to take on and hopefully progress.

“So come on, let’s all get going for the benefit of Kintore.”

Brian Johnstone
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