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The Bothie is a purpose built, straw bale, community hub in the heart of Kintore, opened in December 2013 and driven by Action Kintore, a charity set up to provide facilities for the community with the help of many local organisations including Grampian Opportunities, Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action and Garioch Partnership.

The Bothie outing to SPLASH

The Bothie is the home of many Youth and community groups, meetings and birthday parties, and with the help of volunteers and youth workers, we have a range of youth groups set up to provide a safe, fun environment for the young people in Kintore to come along and get some support and advice on issues currently affecting them. We also hold fundraising events (mostly run by the young people who attend the Bothie) in order to raise money to purchase Bothie hoodies and equipment for our users.

Earlier this year, we were successful in an ‘Awards for All’ funding grant which enabled us to take a group of kids aged 12-16 away on a residential, team building weekend to Aberfeldy. Leaving on the Friday, and returning on the Sunday, the weekend was filled with team building games, personal challenges and lots of laughter! We booked activities with SPLASH White Water Rafting for the Saturday, so the Kintore YAFTS (Young and free to speak) took part in white water rafting activities in the morning, and duckie canoeing in the afternoon along the river Tay. The group came together in the evenings to help with supper and to evaluate the day.

The Bothie at Splash

The SPLASH weekend was organised for after the exams, so it was chance for all the young people to destress and to focus on having fun. New friendships within the group were created and old ones became stronger, as the group had to work together, had to encourage each other and to push each other to overcome fears and challenges; so the weekend was a great success. Since being back, the YAFTS, who meet on a Tuesday evening 7pm-9pm, have been stronger together and are still talking about the trip and how it’s changed them, so all in all, a positive experience had for all!

Groups on at the Bothie

Mondays - 3.30pm-5pm
A junior youth club where kids from P5-P7 can come along and hang out! The Bothie is open for them to play pool, use the xbox, wii, ps2 and even outdoor games on nice afternoons. There are also tablets and laptops available. There are snacks available to purchase while they are at the Bothie. Any homework can be taken there and completed, perhaps with minimal help from the youth workers/volunteers.

Tuesdays- 7pm-8.45pm
The Kintore YAFTS (Young and Free To Speak) group is open to S1 up to 18 year olds. The young people who attend this group are very interest in fundraising and working towards awards, so with the help of youth workers and volunteers, fund raising events will be more frequent and the young people can get Saltire/Youth achievement awards by working together to make these events happen. Issue based workshops are also provided at this group, where the young people can get help and support on any issues currently affecting them, whether it’s exam stress, home life, drugs and alcohol issues and many more. The young people can also use the above facilities if they do not wish to take part in any of the activities.

Thursdays 7pm-8.45pm
After doing some research on their detached project and through the summer program activities (which were very successful!), our two youth workers, Rachel and Kirsty, are hoping to open a new group on a Thursday evening, which will enable more young people to access the Bothie and the facilities it provides.

The Bothie

We are always on the look-out for more volunteers to help with our projects, fundraising, or event to join our team at Action Kintore. So if any of this interests YOU, please don’t hesitate to contact our youth and volunteer co-ordinator to hear more about what YOU can do for your community. Otherwise, follow our Facebook page for updates and what we’re getting up to at the Bothie.

Phone number- 07842265814
Facebook- The Bothie Kintore
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