Please tell us how is your broadband

The Scottish Government has set a target for 95% of the population to have access to superfast broadband by 2017. The recent experience, where ‘long lines’ are being classified as upgraded, even though they receive less than half the government target of 10MB, makes us keen to understand the state of broadband services in and around Kintore.

We last did a survey of broadband in 2014. Two years on we’d like you take a minute to fill in our broadband survey.

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As we approach 2017, how many people in the Kintore area now have the access to superfast broadband – are we anywhere near the 95% target set by the Scottish Government?

What are the real speeds that people are getting on their broadband?

Is broadband in Kintore reliable?

Over to you.

We hope your answers will help us to understand more about the state of broadband in Kintore.

Thank you.

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