'No road on Tuach Hill' campaign

Leaflets have been delivered to houses across Kintore for the ‘No Road on Tuach Hill’ campaign fighting the proposal to build an access road on the lower slopes of Tuach Hill.

The proposal by the consortium behind the 600-house Kintore East development, envisages an access road for the development running from School Road on a bridge over the Tuach Burn and along the banks of the burn itself. This access road would start at a new neighbourhood centre, which would be built in the open fields between the existing bungalows in School road and Carnie Road.

Tuach Hill Kintore East access road

The campaigners say that Tuach Hill, with its path, wood and and fields “have been the heart and lungs of Kintore”. The significance of Tuach Hill to Kintore can hardly be over estimated as it is from Tuach Hill that the town gets its name. At a time when when gaelic was the common language in Kintore it comes from the Gaelic Ceann Torr meaning ‘at the end of the hill’.

Such was the importance of Tuach Hill to Kintore that Kintore and District Community Council led the fight to ensure that the hill was safeguarded from development. As a result Tuach Hill and much of the area round about it has been allocated protected status in the Local Development Plan.

Those campaigning against the proposed new access road, say that the new road would violate that protected status and destroy the current peaceful countryside below Tuach Hill.

“The road would cut through paths along the Tuach Burn we have rights of way for as long as we can remember,” the campaign leaflet points out.

The campaigners believe that there is an obvious alternative that would not involve intrusion into the protected area.

“An alternative access road to the proposed housing area can be built from Carnie Road from the new road to the primary school,” the leaflet states. “The Carnie Road direct route road would keep untouched all the paths and fields we have enjoyed for years on Tuach Hill. It would keep intact our view of the hill from the village. It would prevent bulldozers vandalising the protected area, and stop green fields being replaced with concreted, tarmac and fences. And it’s shorter!”

The leaflet urges people to submit an objection to the proposed access road either online using the Aberdeenshire Council website or by letter to:
Planning & Building Standards, Gordon House, Blackhall Road, Inverurie AB51 3WA, quoting APP/2016/2046.

The closing date for comments on the planning application that includes the access road is Thursday, September 8.
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