Plans submitted for Kintore East access road along Tuach Burn

The Kintore East consortium has now submitted its planning application covering the infrastructure required for the development. This application includes the proposed access road from School Road across the Tuach Burn and on to the Kintore East development.

The developers plan to build the road through land that is designated P1 on the current Local Development Plan. This P1 status indicates an area that is protected as part of a long-standing agreement to protect the historic Tuach Hill as undeveloped open space at the heart of Kintore.

Road at Tuach in Kintore

When the previous application was submitted to Aberdeenshire Council, a number of residents wrote to object to the proposed bridge over the Tuach Burn and an access road through the P1 zoned area, alongside the Tuach Burn. Many of the objections were rejected because they were not deemed valid to the subject of the application which, it was later explained, was to do with phasing.

We understand there were 75 objections, most of which were rejected as not being valid, with reportedly only seven objections being recorded. Kintore and District Community Council has been in the forefront of enquiries into why objections were rejected while others – apparently similar – were accepted. It was pointed out that people who are not closely involved in planning matters could hardly be expected to realise that their objection was invalid.

If previous objectors wish to have their objections considered, Aberdeenshire Council has made it clear that these objections will have to be resubmitted for this application.

The closing date for comments is Thursday, September 8. You can submit comments online.

Among the 68 supporting documents is an overall site plan, a map showing the detail of the proposed new access road from School Road across the Tuach Burn and along the lower slopes of Tuach Hill and plans for the road bridge over the Tuach Burn and the footbridge.

• FOOTNOTE: Tuach Hill is believed to be the source of the name Kintore. In the Middle Ages, Gaelic was the common language in rural Aberdeenshire. and the name Kintore derives from the Gaelic, Ceann-an-torr, meaning ‘at the end of the hill’ – Tuach Hill.
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