Club aim to take over Kintore salmon and trout fishings

At the end of the 2016 fishing season, Aberdeenshire Council are going up the leases on the salmon and trout fishings on the River Don at Kintore. Kintore Angling Club would like to take over the lease and retain them for the people of Kintore.

We have received the following document from the club expressing this desire and seeking comments:

Kintore Angling Club

To the Residents of Kintore and surrounding area.

From the end of the 2016 fishing season, Aberdeenshire Council are giving up the leases on the Salmon and Trout Fishings at Kintore.

These Salmon and Trout fishings include a stretch of the river on the Balbithan side (Left Bank) which were gifted to the people of Kintore many years ago and are recorded as a Common Good Asset . (Shown as the green line at places 1 to 9 on the map below).

Kintore fishings

This in turn passed from Kintore Town Council ultimately to Aberdeenshire Council, but still belong to the people of Kintore.

Kintore Angling Club would like to take over the lease for these waters and retain them for the people of Kintore and have subsequently expressed this interest to the Council Fishings Committee.

They have in turn made a recommendation to the Area Committee that they offer the lease to a properly constituted Angling Club.

Kintore Angling Club’s constitution states that members should resident or born on Kintore, with a small number of members allowed outwith Kintore.

We currently have an agreement with the landowner to fish for Brown Trout on the left bank from sections 5 to opposite 13 and on the right bank sections opposite 1 to 13. We currently have around 50 members registered for Brown Trout and we expect this to rise considerably as the salmon rights pass to us next year, as there is a large number of fishermen, still taking the council permit this year for salmon fishing.

To encourage younger generation interest in fishing, we allow members 15 years and under to fish for free and relax the rules regarding worm fishing etc. to make it more appealing to youngsters.

We are committed to promote the River Don at Kintore as an excellent Salmon and Brown Trout river and will offering season and daily permits for both next year.

We will of course be required to comply with the Don Fishery Board and Brown Trout Protection Order designed to conserve and improve stocks and all members are encouraged to release all fish caught.

We recently upgraded the fishing hut on the left bank and will do the others as required.

We are required as part of our application to show community benefit and carry out a community consultation on our plans to lease Common Good Property.

We trust you can see our plans to look after the fishings at Kintore and retain this for the people of Kintore and therefore seek the support , comments and any suggestions from the Kintore Community on our proposal.

Comments are requested in writing and should be addressed to:-
Neill Cameron, Chairman
Brian Johnstone, Secretary / Treasurer
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