Watch out for Kintore East application

A planning application is imminent for the infrastructure to support the Kintore East development. This will include the proposed bridge over the Tuach Burn and the road across the fields below Tuach Hill.

Road at Tuach in Kintore

Following the rejection of objections to the recent Kintore East development, it has been pointed out that this application was purely about phasing for the development. Apparently this was why objections about the road and bridge, on the protected land below Tuach Hill, were rejected.

The new application will be for approval of the infrastructure to support the housing development. This infrastructure is believed to include the road and the bridge across the fields below Tuach Hill.

Frustrating though the rejection of so many objection was, objectors are being warned that their objections will not be carried forward.

So, if you wish to make an objection to the road and the bridge, you should be prepared to resubmit your objections in response to this new infrastructure application.

Keep a watch for the application on the planning website and, as soon as we have news that the application is open for comment, we will post it here on
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