'Save Tuach Hill' call

Following on from news of the planning application related to the 600-home Kintore East development and a subsequent meeting last week in the the Bothie, a campaign has started to encourage residents to respond to the application.

Road at Tuach in Kintore

Writing on the Kintore Facebook page, Paul Davison says: “The open area of Tuach Hill is at imminent risk of being destroyed by an unnecessary road the Kintore East developers are planning to drive right across the hill. You might already have seen the posts marking the route on the hill, so you know what a massive impact it will have.”

Objectors claim the road will be a violation of the Tuach Hill open space and contrary to the “protected area status” of Tuach Hill, as set out in the 2016 Local Development Plan. They say that the land the road will be constructed on is designated as P1 and argue that this status was to “conserve Tuach Hill and surrounding area, which contributes to the green network”.

Mr Davison points out that Tuach Hill is the only large open area remaining in Kintore.

“It is even more annoying because the proposed new houses could be accessed by extending a road that the developers have just built,” he argues, “extending Carnie Road to the new primary school.

Members of the public only have until this Friday (June 10) to make comments on the application.

On the application page you can see further documents and maps of the proposal. But, the maps in particular, are quite slow to download.

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