Kintore East and Tuach Hill briefing

There has been some confusion over the status of the recent planning application for Kintore East development, particularly in relation to the proposed access from School Road by the Tuach Burn.

At the recent Kintore and District Community Council meeting, Councillor Martin Ford produced this briefing note prepared by Aberdeenshire Council to explain the current status.

Kintore East Site M1 - Phasing MSC (APPI2016I1330)
Briefing Note

This briefing note has been drafted in response to specific questions raised by Cllr Ford in relation to the current status of the access road within the Kintore East Development.

The Planning Service is currently considering a Matters Specified in Condition (MSC) application (APP/2016/1330) for the phasing condition (Condition 1a) of Planning Permission in Principle APP/2013/3830. No other conditions relating to any other matter are currently being considered, although an MSC application addressing the infrastructure conditions is expected to be submitted in the next few weeks. The phasing plan submitted in support of the current MSC shows the location of the access road however, this application is not and
cannot approve the final detail of the road location or specification.

Kintore East site M1 currently has an agreed Development Framework, Masterplan and Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) for a residential development comprising 600 houses, neighbourhood centre and associated facilities and infrastructure. The location of the road which takes access from a new junction on School Road to the north and extends through the development to the Tumulus Way junction at the south west has not received final approval, as the MSC application for this aspect of the development is yet to be received.
However, the provisional location of the road as shown on the indicative plans has been proposed since the Kintore East Masterplan was agreed in 2014 and the location of the road was further represented on the indicative plans approved under the Planning Permission in Principle. While neither the Masterplan, nor the PPP offer a definitive road alignment and can only be considered as indicative, they do offer an indication of the proposed route which has formed part of the basis for design work done to date through said Masterplan and PPP which have subsequently been agreed upon as the preferred way forward for the development.

No aspect of the development at this stage has Full Planning Permission (FPP) until all matters reserved in conditions have been addressed through subsequent MSC applications. As outlined above submission of a further MSC application is required before the access road gains detailed approval.

Clara Thompson
Strategic Development Delivery Team

After the community council meeting, the chairman Brian Johnstone said that the community council would be writing to Aberdeenshire Council planning department to seek clarification of a number of issues.

“There seems some inconsistency regarding the issuing of notices to some adjacent addresses to the development site,” Mr Johnstone explains, “yet, not others and also to addresses you would not consider adjacent.

“There also are claims that some objections were rejected, yet the objectors state that the detail was the same as others that were accepted.”

Mr Johnstone added that there had also been discussions regarding flooding concerns. The Statutory Consultees' comments to the original outline application APP/2013/3830 were based on historical flood data and prior to the January 2016 floods. The community council will be asking the Council Flood Prevention team and SEPA to further review the plans based on more recent flood data.
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