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Continuing from the last edition of KK, there is a Flood Recovery plan published by the council and to contribute to that the Community Council were asked to submit our top three priorities for flood prevention in Kintore.

It was pretty obvious that we would propose flood prevention measures to be undertaken to prevent future flooding at Macallan Road, Kingsfield Road and Northern Road, the areas most affected by the floods.

Kintore flood Jan 2016

The steps we proposed were further excavation of the run off behind Macallan Road to increase its capacity, or build a barrier, improve the banking at Kingsfield Road and fix the gaps in the wall and the diversion of the Loch Burn to the river side of the railway embankment to prevent the flooding onto Northern Road.

These suggestions have been included in a report covering all flood prevention proposed measures for all of Aberdeenshire to go to the Infrastructures Committee and full council in time for approval and funding.

Given the scale of the flooding these council reviews will hopefully be completed by the summer and actions planned to implement the required measures.

It is hoped that since the Kintore issues require relatively small scale and lower cost solutions they will be implemented sooner rather than later. The time it may take to effect these changes, emphasis the need for residents / owners to also take their own precautions, where feasible, to limit the extent of flooding in their own properties by using proper door barriers and vent covers which can be obtained through the council.

The larger scale operations will of course need to be done by the council and other bodies.

Locally the Community Council will be starting the preparation of a Community Resilience plan to better prepare ourselves for future incidents.

A public consultation on this will take place in due course and will involve many community sections to ensure Kintore is well prepared for any emergency that should befall us.

It is good to see the Kintore Arms Inn re-opened and shows signs of being a big success. The pizza shop has re-opened as an Italian takeaway and the barbers is under new management all good for Kintore.

The construction of the cycle path from Kintore to Inverurie has begun and we look forward to that being completed, giving a safer route for pedestrians and cyclists to Inverurie.

There has been little progress in the Town Park development as this has been delayed by negotiations regarding the required modifications to the Kintore Road junction (traffic lights proposed) and modifications to the roundabout at Sandy Thain’s.

We also believe the proposed new large development of a 300 person facility in Midmill will now see Transport Scotland requiring compulsory modifications to Broomhill Roundabout to maintain decent traffic flow on the A96, this we understand will be carried out by the Midmill developers.

We received a copy of the feasibility study for the Town House, which is very promising, proposing an upper floor function room with separate bar area suitable for small weddings, corporate functions and small music performances.

The lower floor will accommodate kitchens, toilets and a new rear extension to accommodate a lift to the upper floors. There is further scope in the lower floors to provide for a commercial venture which would help pay for the upkeep of the building and they will be looking for something that will be sustainable and hopefully bring people to Kintore. Ideas submitted previously from the community include, a craft baker, bookshop, café and childrens’ craft centre and a gallery for local artists.

So we look forward to seeing the approved plans for the restoration of this beautiful building.

Recent Police Reports still relate to residents continuing to leave doors and cars unlocked, with the consequence of cars still being taken with the proper keys removed from the house. So again we suggest all householders lock their cars and house doors every time and remove this opportunity for these persistent thieves.

The broadband service experienced by some residents still remains an issue within certain areas in and around Kintore and we have written to BT and the council directors to complain about the poor service, despite the claims from BT and the significant investment made by the council to help finance this.

The community council has a vacancy for one more person to join us and help promote and progress the interests of Kintore. We meet on the third Tuesday in each month at 7pm in the Primary School. We welcome any member of community to attend for a meeting or two with no commitment, to see what we do and consider joining.

Brian Johnstone
07824 834193
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