Aberdeenshire Council Flood Bulletin 4

Aberdeenshire Council has issued the following bulletin with information, contacts, support and advice for those affected by the flooding in Garioch.

Garioch Flood Bulletin
Issue 4 10th March 2016

1. FloodProtectionProductsRoadshow
The Scottish Flood Forum is hosting a roadshow to showcase flood protection products available to householders. Please come along to any of the sessions listed below. At the roadshow you can book a free home survey for an advisor to come to your home and find the right combination of products for you.

The roadshows will take place as follows:
Thursday 24th March – Port Elphinstone Community House from 1pm - 4pm Thursday 24th March – Kemnay Village Hall from 6pm - 8pm
Kintore roadshow to be confirmed.

2. Drop-inSessions
Inverurie and Garioch Flood Support Group and Scottish Flood Forum
The Inverurie and Garioch Flood Support Group (previously located at the Legion) and Scottish Flood Forum have set up drop in sessions as detailed below:

Monday 14th March – INVERURIE COMMUNITY CENTRE from 7pm – 9pm
Tuesday 15th March – INVERURIE COMMUNITY CENTRE from 10am – 2pm Thursday 17th March – PORT ELPHINSTONE COMMUNITY HOUSE from 1pm – 4pm Thursday 17th March – KEMNAY VILLAGE HALL 5.30pm – 8pm
These sessions are for everyone affected by the flooding throughout Garioch. The sessions which are being held at Inverurie Community Centre will have refreshments available.

Within Tuesday sessions, a representative will be on hand from Alex Salmond MP constituency office between 11am and 1pm.

Attendance at the drop in sessions in the Inverurie Community Centre has decreased and if this continues over the coming week the frequency of these sessions will be reviewed. Any changes to the timings will be publicised through the Inverurie and Garioch Flood Support Group Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Inveruriefloodsupport/

Paul Hendy from Scottish Flood Forum will provide assistance for all Flooding and Insurance queries. This is an opportunity for residents from anywhere in Garioch who were affected by flooding to get expert advice and support regarding insurance claims, drying out properties, property repairs and any other questions related to flooding and its impacts. Paul can be contacted by phone 07747702299 (if he is unable to answer send a text with your number and he will call you back) or email paul@scottishfloodforum.org

If you wish to contact the Inverurie and Garioch Flood Support Group, please email gariochflood2016@gmail.com or send a private message through the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Inveruriefloodsupport/

3. PropertyFloodProtection Choice of Flood Protection
The property-level flood protection approach now offers many owners an effective alternative approach to managing their flood risk. The property-level flood protection market has developed significantly in light of the recent experiences and is maturing rapidly.
Excellent products are now available and manufacturers are responding with innovative solutions to challenging problems. Businesses now have a viable option for reducing the impacts of the most frequent floods.
When considering the type of barrier for installation it is important to consider the type of person who will be using the product. Are those using the products able to fix the barrier in place on their own or would they need assistance? Would the barrier provide sufficient flood protection to the property? What are the risks if the property owner is away at the time of a potential flood incident?
There are 4 main types of flood resistance products routinely used in combination, according to the specific requirements of each property in a scheme:
1. Barriers for doorways and airbricks
2. Non-return valves for domestic and foul drainage systems
3. Sump pumps (Underfloor void)
4. Waterproofing and sealants

The most common and obvious types are the removable door and airbrick barriers designed to fit across openings to prevent the ingress of floodwater. Most have some type of fixing system fitted directly to the property itself and thus closure depends upon timely and correct manual installation.

The diagram opposite illustrates the typical routes by which water can enter a property and all aspects need consideration as part of a property flood resilient approach. The product market is constantly evolving, with manufacturers developing new and innovative ideas and products, such as the move towards passive flood doors and automatically operating airbrick replacements which require little or no intervention.
We strongly recommend that you sign up to the SEPA flood warning service http://floodline.sepa.org.uk/floodingsignup/

4. Flood Protection Products
Aberdeenshire Council retains a stock of a small selection of flood protection products and will sell them to the public at cost price. The prices reflect the discounts available to the Council through bulk purchasing and are likely to be less than can be obtained by purchasing direct from suppliers.
For more information see: http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/environment/flooding/flood- protection-products/

5. GrantsUpdate
Scottish Government Grant Fund – ENDS 31st MARCH 2016
Residents affected should note that the closing date for applications to this fund is 31st March 2016. Any residents who have not yet applied are encouraged to do so by using the following link https://online.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/flooding-grant-scheme/.

Any residents who have applied and have not had any response should contact Council Tax on 03456 081201 to ensure their application is being processed.

There are in the region of 60 domestic applications outstanding and these all remain work in progress. These grant applications will progress along the way until a decision is made on each of them.

Since the last flood bulletin, the total number of grants now paid in Aberdeenshire are as follows:
£1500 (Domestic household) – 753 £1500 (Business) – 106
£3000 (Business) – 32
Foundation Scotland – Flood Recovery Fund - grants up to £1000 are available

Financial support is available to:
  • Individuals or families who are suffering financial hardship as a result of the recent flooding.
  • Voluntary and community groups who are providing immediate relief to people, will be providing longer term community rebuilding projects or have experienced significant structural and or flood damage.
This assistance is entirely separate to the schemes announced by the Scottish Government.

Further information on the Foundation Scotland Flood Recovery Appeal can be found on their website https://www.foundationscotland.org.uk/flood-recovery-appeal/apply-for- funding/ or contact the Grants Team on 0141 341 4960 or email grants@foundationscotland.org.uk
Inverurie Round Table

If you want to request financial assistance from the Round Table either contact them through the Round Table Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/InverurieRT/ or by emailing inveruriert@hotmail.co.uk

6. GariochFloodRecoveryPlan
The Garioch Flood Recovery Plan has been developed and will be considered by the Garioch Area Committee at its meeting on 15th March 2016.
Within this plan three priorities for flood protection improvements for each of the three main settlements affected by flooding have been included. All identified Aberdeenshire projects will be prioritised and an action plan will be drawn up in due course.

Foundation Scotland have doubled the amount available for North East flood victims through grants. Individuals affected by flooding at the end of December and early January can now get up to £1,000 to help restore their homes.

Groups or charities that are supporting victims can also receive up to £5,000.

7. OtherUsefulInformation
Garioch Area Office email: Garioch@aberdeenshire.gov.uk telephone: 01467 628200 Housing assistance: 03456 081203 (24hrs)
Council tax: 03456 081201
Benefits: 03456 081200
Social Care line: 03456 081206 (24 hours)
Roads: 03456 081205
Waste line: 03456 081207
Environmental Health Line: 03457 081207 (24 hours) Magpie Inverurie: 01467 268087
Police: 101 or 999
SEPA Flood line 0345 988 1188

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