Have you tried to get a doctor's appointment

Have you tried to get a doctor’s appointment recently? If you phone up today, you will be offered an appointment on April 20. That’s almost three weeks away.

By their very nature, a considerable proportion of requests for a doctor’s appointment will be potentially urgent, at least in the minds of patients. They want reassurance and, from a medical perspective, it must be beneficial to catch any problems early.

Getting a doctor appointment

Apparently you have to phone at 8.30 am to have a chance of getting an earlier date.

Changed days from when we had a designated family doctor and making an appointment was just a case of calling up and choosing a suitable time.

It is puzzling that there seems to be that much more pressure on doctors these days that such a service is consigned to history.

Is the increasing time load on doctors the result of:
  • Fewer doctors?
  • More patients?
  • More consultations?
  • More administration and paperwork?

Would embracing new technology and offering video consultations online be one way of making it easier to at least consult your doctor, at which point he, or she, could decide if they need to see you in person?

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