What would you like to see in the Town House

In his Kintore and District Community Council update, Brian Johnstone, the chairman, invited ideas or suggestions for future use of the Town House.

Ideas for Kintore Town House

The intention is to bring the Town House back into use for the benefit of the community.

Benefit to the community could be providing something that the community needs. Or, it could be something that brings more people into Kintore, to benefit local businesses.

Whatever is done with the Town House has to be financially viable. There is a cost to maintaining facilities, so there has to be an income to support the maintenance and upkeep of the Town House.

Various ideas have been suggested to date:
  • an event venue
  • a craft centre
  • heritage centre
  • museum
  • gallery
  • café
  • a bakery.

It could of course be a combination of more than one use as there are two floors and the possibility of separate areas on each floor.

What do you think? Email your thoughts and suggestions to info@kintorecommunitycouncil.co.uk.
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