Community Council news December 2015

Sainsbury's is open! A very welcome addition to Kintore shopping facilities, we look forward to the opening of the dentist and hairdressers and as we write this article the application for the Cafe / Wine bar is still undecided, fingers crossed this will be approved.

The Kintore Arms Inn has advertised to lease out the bar and restaurant separately or combined so hopefully in a few months we will see it open again.

Regarding the location of the 0.6 Hectare site for the proposed Sport & Community Hall, the Community Council attended a meeting with council officers and the NHS it was confirmed that NHS have plans for new facilities in the neighbourhood centre area, but as yet the timetable and budget are yet to be finalised.

We have asked the roads and planning department to review the proposed layout to see if they can be amended and await their response.

We still await meetings with the Council’s Landscape services to discuss the originally proposed Cricket facilities and other sports facilities that potentially could be provided in the Town Park development.

The council Area Committee have agreed to fund a feasibility study by a historic buildings architect to determine what possible work needs and could be done to make the Town House fully usable and accessible. A working group meeting is to be arranged to discuss ideas and aspirations for the use of the town house. Anyone with ideas or suggestions are welcome to submit them for consideration.

The fountain failed its leak test, so it will require some repair to be done to complete the overhaul. As winter is approaching it will be next year before it will operate.

The community council away an update on our application for a grant for the feasibility study on the prospects for Community Renewable Energy projects.

The Police still report opportunist thefts in the Garioch area including Kintore, where properties and cars are left unlocked.

The approved Kintore Action Plan has been completed by the Garioch Community Partnership.

The summary of agreed tasks are listed below:

  • To provide a new purpose built community and sports centre / community hub
  • To establish a community the condition of the sport pavilion and the garden/composting scheme/allotments
  • To ensure a sustainable future for the Town House
  • To reduce litter/dog mess
  • To provide a new skatepark
  • To provide better access to GP and other health facilities
  • To improve school and community facilities
  • To investigate the possibility of a blood donor session in Kintore
  • To reopen the railway station
  • To maintain “ I feel safe here“
  • To develop the Bothie
  • To provide appropriate, affordable housing.
  • To improve bus services and routes.
  • To have a local family friendly pub, hotel or restaurant and more shops.
  • To develop a network of paths
  • To improve broadband speed and connectivity
  • To create a nature reserve
  • To improve communication

They will involve actions by the Kintore Community Council, Aberdeenshire Council, outside agencies like NHS and BT, private and commercial developers, and importantly the Kintore local community to get behind the appropriate projects.

Some of the tasks are current and ongoing, others potentially achievable short term and other may take some time, but we will be making plans to complete the tasks within the timetable set out in the plan which has more detail and is available at content/uploads/2015/10/GariochPartners hip_KintoreCAP_LowRes.pdf

Following a number of complaints regarding the condition of the primary school playing fields, the Community Council have been in touch with the council who are taking action to address the toilets situation and general cleanliness to allow usage by other community groups.

The Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) is now installed on the First Photographic building in the square and we have just purchased the additional “infant key” to be used on a small child or baby.

There is a video link and other information on the use of the defibrillator and basic CPR information on the website.

Community Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday in each month at 7pm in the Primary School. We welcome any member of community to attend and if interested in joining us as CC member.

Brian Johnstone
07824 834193

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