Defibrillator use extended

The PAD defibrillator, available 24-hours for emergency uses on the front of First Photographic in The Square, is now equipped for use on young children.

Kintore and District Community Council has purchased what is called an “infant key” which, when inserted into the PAD, will make the defibrillator safe for use with young children.

Location of Kintore's PAD

Have you watched the video on the use of the PAD? If not, please take a few minutes right now to take a look. (Note: If you are using an Apple Mac with Safari, there appears to be an issue, please use another browser like Google Chrome.)

You should also familiarise yourself with the basics of CPR.

With the PAD defibrillator and a knowledge of these basics, you could save a life. The PAD talks you carefully through each step and it carries out the diagnosis and will only deliver a shock if it is medically needed.

So please remember. In a cardiac emergency get the defibrillator immediately.
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