New hair salon opening in Kintore

A new hair salon is gearing up to open at the Midmill development, beside the Sainsbury’s Local, for January next year.

Rebecca Carr will be advertising shortly to fill various roles in the new saloon: Head of house (reception), styling assistants, technical assistants, colour specialists, hair stylists and design specialists. More details are on the website

We asked Rebecca Carr to tell us more about her background and her business aspirations:

What's the background to this business?

I originally trained with Toni and Guy starting at 15 where i completed my 'apprenticeship' as a stylist. When i was qualified. Very quickly i progressed through their ranks moving onto higher levels, it was noticed that i was comfortable to offer advise or show people how specific 'cuts' had to be. So i began training the stylists which was ideal as i loved learning myself and constantly looked to push fresh ideas or new techniques.

During the training i was dealing with different personalities i was able to see how to nurture peoples strengths while developing their weaknesses. I moved on to Aveda spending five years with the product this gave me different angles towards styling. Again i took the training and was set at the highest level within that structure.

Why did you decide to set up on your own?

I have worked at the highest level i can. i have trained people, been involved in the management side, have been to huge events such as London fashion week and numerous Catwalk shows. I have viewed how other companies have approached the customer, or the education side. This allowed me to see where i would improve different aspects, where i would identify from my own point of view what the customer desires when he or she gets their hair cut.

I now want to Implement all that I have learned and achieved over the last 15 or so years but do so under my own name.

What is attractive about setting up kintore salon?

Even though i have enjoyed working in Aberdeen I am from a small fishing village in the North East of Scotland myself. So i love the community feel of a village, which is lost in the city. This was Key when i initially decided to go alone, the thing about Kintore is it is very relaxed with a very friendly attitude.

Kintore is also under constant development this can be seen in the fact my own salon is brand new purpose built a sign that Kintore is very much a village on a constant rise.

What will make the Kintore salon special?

This will be a brand new salon that has been designed to give the clients that 'Indulgement' feeling. This we be in part to the brands of hair care products used we will have the Ultimate hair care range from Industry leaders KERASTASE this will be a very exclusive product something we know our clients are looking for.

Award winning Label M is the official hair product of London Fashion Week we have this fashion Inspired Range that is at the cutting edge of the Industry it benefits my staff also with opportunities for further education in London.

We will be working with the No1 colour range in L'Oreal Professional this is very exciting for the salon as this not only keeps us fresh with new formula's that will continuously develop it allows us to offer an unparalleled level of Colour consultation. But the icing on the cake for the customer is the free parking at the door No more City centre circling for 10 minutes looking for a parking space then rushing to your appointment in the rain all flustered, the relaxation of Rebecca Carr Hair Salon begins when you park your car.

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