Defibrillator in place

Those of you who have been in The Square, Kintore may have seen that our Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) is now in place on the front of the building occupied by First Photographic.

Location of Kintore's PAD

Kintore’s PAD is has real potential to save lives in our community. To do so it has to be easily accessible and in working order 24 hours a day.

So it is important that everyone in Kintore recognises how critical this equipment is and that we all work together to ensure that, when it is needed, it is in good working order.

In an emergency you have only around three minutes to restore breathing and circulation in someone whose heart and breathing has stopped, so basic CPR training and use of the PAD will hopefully help preserve the life on anyone unfortunate to need the help in Kintore and anywhere else you may be.

It is heartening to hear from the British Heart Foundation that instances of vandalism, for PAD equipment, are remarkably low. Let’s make sure that Kintore’s PAD is safeguarded. Please make sure that everyone in your household knows of the PAD and how important it is that it is that it is maintained in good working order at all times.

Please read more about the importance of PADs on the British Heart Foundation website.

Our thanks to both the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and Scottish Ambulance Service for the Kintore PAD and their help in organising the training, also First Photographic and their building owner Alex McLeod for allowing Kintore Community Council to install the PAD on the building in The Square, making it central and easily accessible.
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