Vandalism at Gauchhill Wood

We’re disappointed to hear of a spate of vandalism aimed at bird boxes and bat boxes that had been destroyed in Gauchhill Woods. What makes this particularly shocking is that these boxes were made by children at Kintore Primary School.


“I was contacted by a regular user of Gauchhill Woods Kintore to say that bird and bat boxes that were on trees in Gauchhill Wood had been recently vandalised by being removed from the trees and many of them ripped apart and left strewn across the woodland,” explains Alison Sutherland the Garioch Ranger.

“As a Countryside Ranger I am regularly asked by Community Groups in Kintore and the local primary school to speak to children and help them learn about the importance of biodiversity, woodland management, how to care for the wildlife and how to be responsible in the outdoors.

“This is how these bird/bat boxes came to be in Gauchhill Wood,” Alison continues. “I know that the boys and girls who made these boxes were very proud of them and would regularly visit the site to look at the boxes they had put up and they often asked me if birds had nested in them.”

It would be a shame if the local school and community groups were no longer able to do their bit for the biodiversity of Gauchhill Wood, due the actions of a small minority of mindless people.
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