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Building work is progressing well at the Sainsbury’s site at Midmill, as well as the small Sainsburys supermarket, the plans are for a Dentist and a Hairdresser, but sadly we are advised that the Chinese Take-Away will not be returning, therefore the fourth unit remains to be signed up contractually.

In progressing the location of the 0.6He site for the proposed Sport & Community Hall, the Community Council awaits meetings with the Council Planning and Roads department and the NHS to discuss the space available and their allocations for a modified roundabout and NHS future provisions. We are advised that these provisions do not provide enough land space to accommodate our planned Sports and Community facilities.

We are keen to have the S&C Hall as close to the community as possible so are keen to have these discussions at the earliest opportunity before plans are set in stone and cannot be changed.

The Cala Homes - Town Park plans are well under way with building scheduled to commence Spring Summer 2016. The community council also await meetings with the Council’s Landscape services to discuss the originally proposed Cricket facilities. We are keen to see if there is space for a football field alongside the cricket wickets. We will also be asking about play park facilities for the Town Park Area and East Kintore development. There has also been requested tennis courts and a skatepark, but we will have to see what space there is and how these additional facilities can be funded.

Also following the recent delays caused by the temporary traffic lights at the staggered junction, we have written to the planning department to questioned the suitability of traffic lights at this junction given the serious queuing back on to the A96 at tea-time.

Following the approval on 18th May of the latest plans for the Kintore Arms Inn, Including retention of the lettable rooms, we notice that there is some internal modification going ahead. We have no indication when this is expected to be completed, but will contact the owners to find out.

Town House- Things are progressing albeit slowly. The Council are looking for funds towards a feasibility study by Malcolm Fraser (an historic building architect and advisor) to determine what is possible in terms of refurbishment to enable maximum use of all of the floors and rooms, to satisfy accessibility requirements.
There have been discussions about the fountain requiring the water treatment and testing for legionnaire’s disease, the community council have been in touch with a water treatment company to determine the risks and the costs associated with the treatment and testing.

A water tightness test is to be carried out to confirm it meets the Scottish Water Bye-laws, ensuring no loss of water from the fountain.

Now we have two interested landowners, our proposed Community Renewable Energy projects is now proceeding to the tender stage for consultants to perform a feasibility study to determine the potential of the proposed sites for wind turbines. We have one other landowner interested and await a further landowners consent to progress with a similar consultation on a small hydro scheme on the River Don.

The Police still report opportunist thefts in the Garioch area including Kintore, where properties and cars are left unlocked.
  • We cannot emphasise the need for all to lock their cars and houses all the time to prevent these thefts.
  • We repeat this warning every month but many still do not take heed and suffer the consequences.

Separate to the formal Police Reports, there have been incidents of “Off Road “ motor cyclists riding around the Hallforest Castle area pathways and un-leashed dogs worrying livestock in the same area. These are very serious and may result in accidents with pedestrians and harm to livestock. Residents are asked to please respect the beautiful countryside we live in.

Another very serious report is that of teenagers lighting fires within Hall Forest itself, one fire was actually left smouldering and unattended. It does not bear thinking about what damage can be done should they get a hold on the forest.

Parents are asked to advise their children of the risks of any fires set in woodland, both Hall Forest and the woods on Tuach Hill which seem to be popular meeting places for some of the older children.

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The community consultations held on March 7th and 21st at the Village Hall have now developed into a draft “Action Plan” for Kintore. Following on from an approved plan, certain projects will be initiated to help improve facilities in the Kintore area. All residents are encouraged to get involved with this, because without community support and involvement many will never succeed. Full details will be published on the website in due course.

The Community Council has held the Best Garden Competition again and want to congratulate the winner and all who produce beautiful garden displays in the town.
We cannot mention flowers without mentioning the beautiful flowering displays in the Town Square and around the town, again funded, planted and maintained by individual volunteers and companies in the town.

We are delighted to announce that the Kintore Fireworks Display will be held on Friday 6th November in the school playing fields. The fireworks display this year will be by Fireworx Scotland from Inverurie. More detail will be published on line.

Following a recent Football Festival there were a number of complaints to the Community Council regarding the very poor state of the toilets in the football pavilion. We met with the council manager at the pavilion and after our joint inspection of the facilities, he assured us that the toilet blockage will be cleared and steps will be taken to ensure the pavilion remains in a clean and useable condition for all members of the community.

The Community Council were successful in our application for a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) and we have now received delivery of this. With the kind permission of First Photographic and the building owner Mr Alex McLeod the unit will be installed on the First Photographic Building in the town square.
We are hoping to organise some community training on the PAD unit and basic emergency first aid for those interested.

The Community Council will be attending the Sunflower Festival in Kintore Church on Sat 5th and Sun 6th September, there will be many activities for all ages and all are encouraged to come along.

There was presentation by Stacey Lynch, Network Rail Liaison Officer, on the plans for the Inverness to Aberdeen railway line dualling and Kintore Station. We briefly discussed the plans and location of the railway station at the North End of the town and discussed the work to be done in our area. Unfortunately in order to maintain a rail service, this will again mean overnight work in stages from Inverurie to Aberdeen and following past complaints will advise more of the residents of the nature and timing of the work.

Community Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday in each month at 7pm in the Primary School. We welcome any member of community to attend and if interested in joining us as CC member.

Brian Johnstone
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