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Foundation work has now started at the Midmill site for the new Sainsbury’s small supermarket, Dentist, Hairdresser and Chinese takeaway/ cafe.

The public enquiry into the Compulsory Purchase order resulted in all objectors withdrawing their objections prior to the enquiry. It is expected this now clears the way for the Council to complete the purchase and allow the building work to begin on the new primary school.

There was great disappointment that Kintore was not selected for an Academy, the Council selecting Inverurie for a new Academy with a provision for possible future demand, by requisitioning the land at Kintore.

The Community Council has begun discussions with the East Kintore developers to consider the provision of Sports and Community facilities. A 0.6 He site has been agreed to be provided and is proposed at the South end of the East Kintore development close to the Midmill industrial area, as the original hope of it being included in the neighbourhood area adjacent to School Road has been rejected.

The reasons given were a lack of space in the area, limited by flood risk and roundabout requirements, to allow for future (as yet defined) NHS facilities along with the other proposed mini supermarket and other commercial buildings.

The Community Council suggested that this is too far from the community and has requested a meeting with the Council and NHS to discuss what the requirements are and see if a compromise could be reached, allowing it to be sited in this much more accessible area.

The Local Development Plan (LDP) draft has now been published including the Gateway Kintore site and the developer is working on his plans to ensure with the Council planning requirement.

Cala Homes have now submitted their plans for the Town Park corner site adjacent to the B994 and the B987 (opposite Sandy Reid) for 150 houses/ Flats scheduled for building work to commence Spring- Summer 2016. This development also includes for a Pavilion, football and cricket pitches. The planning application reference is APP/2004/3532 on the Council Website planning section.

Following the initial rejection by the Council Planning, the Kintore Arms Inn outline application for the building modifications now includes for the Hotel provision to remain and includes for the Bar and restaurant to be separate areas. It remains with providing a bar and restaurant and brings some hope it re-opening in the not too distant future.

There is no change to the Town House refurbishment and we just await it to start and still await notice of the next date to discuss this progress and consider the opportunities for the use of the building.

This next meeting is scheduled to take place in the Town House and we recommend any interested members of the Community to attend and get involved in these discussions.

We have received notice from two interested parties who are interested in discussing with the Community Council the provision of land to establish Community Renewable Energy projects.

We will be progressing this, then seeking proposals for studies to be done to determine what is feasible, realistic and potentially achievable in the land areas identified.

This renewable energy project could deliver significant annual earnings for community use.

We have also been advised that Kintore will benefit from an £900 annual community contribution (in October) from the Leylodge Wind farm project run by Duncan Farms. This can then be used for community projects and the management of these funds will be decided later.

The Police still report opportunist thefts in the Garioch area including Kintore, where properties and cars are left unlocked.

We cannot emphasise the need for all to lock their cars and houses all the time to prevent these thefts.

The meetings held on March 7th and 21st at the Village Hall organised the Garioch Partnership was well attended with a lot of ideas, suggestions and aspirations to develop Kintore and we will advise these results when available.

The Community Council will be holding the Kintore Best Garden Competition again and will be looking forward to the excellent displays again this year, Good Luck to all interested, further details of the judging dates will be published.

Community Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday in each month at 7pm in the Primary School. We welcome any member of community to attend and if interested in joining us as CC member.

Brian Johnstone
07824 834193
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