2016 Local Development Plan

The proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan has now been published and is now open for representations, with this period ending on May 8, 2015.

Many of us will recall the battle that we had over the Main Issues Report and its stand against the Gateway Kintore development, which had gained unprecedented local support. This support had been demonstrated with more than 1,000 names on a supporting petition and 340 official representations to the council over its exclusion.

Construction and development

There has also been general concern about lack of facilities in Kintore and what some see as a deliberate policy to keep our town dependent on Inverurie for facilities like shops, filling stations, restaurants and entertainment.

The Local Development Plan will guide development in Aberdeenshire from 2016, so it is important that we are all comfortable with it. We can make representations between now and May 8.

You will find details of how to make your views known on the Aberdeenshire Council Local Development Plan page, in addition you can raise your concerns with Kintore and District Community Council.

These particular sections will be of interest to people in Kintore. Click on the appropriate link on the Aberdeenshire Council Local Development Plan page (as large files they will take time to load on a slow broadband connection):

  • Shaping Garioch: Page 19 in Local Development Plan 2016 - Proposed Plan Part 1.
  • Appendix 8: Page 52 Kintore - this page details protected sites and future development sites for Kintore including the Gateway Kintore site (OP5) that many of us fought to have included in the local plan.
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