Kintore station layout

This is the current concept design drawing for the Kintore rail station which is expected to open in 2019.

The proposed site is close to the Kintore north flyover on the A96, which you can see at the left on the drawing (click on the drawing for a larger pdf of the plan).

Commenting at the time he received the plan, Councillor Martin Ford said:

“I note the confirmation that it is expected double track will be required throughout between Aberdeen and Inverurie, with the possible exception of Hutcheon Street tunnel in Aberdeen. When work was done a few years ago to increase clearances to allow larger containers to travel by train to the North-east, the track in Hutcheon Street tunnel was moved to the middle of the tunnel to give more headroom. Given the commitment to maintaining the larger gauge clearance, double track in the tunnel may be impractical.

"I realise, of course, that much further discussion and negotiation will have to take place between the various interested parties, including the new ScotRail franchise-holder, Abellio, and others in the rail industry. I note too the steps being taken to secure the site.

Kintore rail station

"Although Aberdeenshire Council is not in any way responsible for running rail services, the Council in partnership with NESTRANS will have a key role in the delivery of the new Kintore station. I shall continue to press for the new station to be built as soon as it can be, once the required alterations to the track itself allow."

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