Update on the Kintore Arms Inn

Two members of Kintore and District Community Council met with the new owner of the Kintore Arms Inn who recently submitted a planning application for the Kintore Arms Inn.

He has told them that it is not his intention to establish a Chinese restaurant or takeaway as this would compromise his Chop Chop business in Port Elphinstone.

He also advised that his plan was to split the building into two parts, the main part to be a bar/restaurant which he plans to lease out. The other part may be used for offices, but that has yet to be decided.

The community council members say the new owner listened to their concerns about the lack of bar and restaurant facilities in Kintore. He confirmed that his plans at this stage were to provide a kitchen, bar and dining areas in the larger part and would provide more detail in due course.

The community council say they will be commenting that any plans to develop the Kintore Arms Inn needs to retain bar and restaurant facilities and that they will of course review and comment on the detailed plans in due course.
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