How is your broadband?

How is your broadband performing? If you are having continuing connection or speed problems, Kintore’s councillors want to hear from you.

Councillor Hood has taken up the matter of recently reported broadband issues in Kintore with the Infrastructure Services department of Aberdeenshire Council and needs to provide evidence of the problems that people in Kintore are having with broadband.

slow broadband in Kintore

So, if you are finding that your broadband is cutting off in the middle of videos, BBC iPlayer or games, or if your broadband is so slow that it makes viewing web pages a real pain, then it is important that you take just a couple of minutes to send an email to Kintore councillors.

Address your email to Cllr Hood If possible, please copy in our other two Kintore councillors to your email Cllr Nan Cullinane and Cllr Martin Ford

The information they need is:

  1. Your name
  2. The telephone number of your broadband.
  3. The name of your broadband supplier is (e.g. BT, Sky, etc)
  4. A description of the issues you are having (e.g. ‘our connection fails while watching BBC iPlayer’ or ‘our connection speed is regularly below 2MB')

Hopefully this new approach to Infrastructure Services, along various approaches of the community council, our campaign on and support MSPs like Alison McInnes may move this issue forward.
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