Kintore East report for Nov 11 council meeting

Aberdeenshire Council planners are recommending Aberdeenshire Councillors grant the application for planning permission in principle for 600 houses, a neighbourhood centre and infrastructure for Kintore East.

The report will go in front of Aberdeenshire Council’s Garioch Area Committee at their meeting on Tuesday, November 11 in Gordon House, Inverurie starting at 10.15 am. The agenda for the meeting is now online, with the Kintore East proposal and its reports as item 8B.

The Kintore East site is approximately 84 hectares around Tuach Hill to the south east of the existing town of Kintore. The land is currently agricultural.

In addition to the 600 houses, the masterplan identified a neighbourhood centre for retail, commercial and community services. As examples the report suggests a medical centre, community centre, care home and nursery.

The main road access would be from School Road and through Midmill Business Park.

Eight representations objecting to the proposal have raised the following issues, development on the flood plain, access to neighbouring properties, loss of amenity, impact on wildlife and biodiversity, traffic, poor connectivity, loss of green space and that the application lacks detail.

The report states that no houses can be occupied prior to the completion and opening of the new primary school. The report notes that there is no capacity at Kemnay Academy to accommodate pupils from this development, but no decision has been made on the need for an academy in Kintore.

Kintore and District Community Council have objected to the development on the grounds that there is no vehicular access directly from the development to the new primary school. The full response can be see as Appendix I on this report.

In terms of traffic, improvement works proposed include the enlargement of the Broomhill Roundabout to 70-metres diameter.

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