What to do about broadband interruptions

It is quite obvious from the recent survey on broadband in Kintore and the comments received at kintore.org.uk and on our Facebook page, that a substantial number of people are having problems with broadband disconnecting intermittently.

There are two types of disconnection. The first is when the connection to the exchange is lost and, on BT hubs, it will show a red, rather than blue, light.

slow broadband in Kintore

The other type of connection is a throughput failure. This is where you are still connected to the exchange, but no data is transferring either in download, or upload, or both. With a throughput failure, the light on BT hubs will remain blue but websites don’t load, email won’t work, videos, films and games stop working and so on.

Throughput failure seems to be the type of disconnection problem that broadband users in Kintore are suffering, with almost two thirds (66%) of the respondents in our survey saying they suffer intermittent disconnections. Worryingly, these disconnections seem to affect both traditional wired broadband users and the new ‘superfast’ fibre broadband.

If you are not getting a consistent service, or not getting the speeds promised, your provider may be breaching the contract you have with them.

This is what should do:

  1. Keep a log of the interruptions, or slow speeds, affecting your service.
  2. Also keep a note and a copy of all your dealings with your broadband provider, complete with dates and times and as much information about who you spoke to and what was said.
  3. Try to take a speed check (sites such as speediest.net or speedtest.btwholesale.com) during the interruption. Sometimes this will show a very low download and/or upload speed. Take a record (maybe just a screenshot) of the results and add it to your log.
  4. Contact your service provider with your complaint and send them a copy of your log.
  5. Give your broadband provider reasonable time to investigate your complaint. A couple of weeks should be sufficient.
  6. If you don’t get a satisfactory response escalate your issue by making a formal complaint to the company.
  7. After eight weeks if you are still not satisfied you can seek an alternative dispute resolution scheme. Your provider will be a member of CISAS www.cisas.org.uk or the Ombudsman (Ombudsman Services Communications).
  8. Read the details on the website of how to progress your complaint.

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