Broadband postcode lottery in Kintore?

Early results from a community broadband survey in Kintore suggest that there is something of a postcode lottery to broadband services in our town.

Those who are able to get fibre broadband are enjoying speeds of over 20MB.

Slow communication to Kintore

Those who are unable to get fibre broadband are reporting that their broadband service is deteriorating.

One early response, from an area of Kintore where fibre broadband is not yet available, reports “very regular” outages and broadband speeds of less than 0.5MB. Another response, who also cannot get fibre broadband, correlates the growth of fibre broadband in Kintore with the deteriorating of their traditional wired broadband.

Is it possible that the high-speed fibre customers are taking up more of the available bandwidth, leaving customers who cannot get fibre with a broadband service that is less reliable and slower than they had previously?

It’s beginning to look like it.

Please help us to understand what is happening to Kintore’s broadband service by completing our community survey.
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