Chairman's report to community council AGM

Kintore and District Community Council
AGM September 2014
Chairman’s Report

This has been a busy year with many debates and discussions surrounding the various matters going on around Kintore in the last year.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in large and small ways to help improve what we have here in Kintore.

Without the support of members of the Community, the Community Councillors, Police Service, NHS, our locally elected Councillors and the Garioch Area office we would not have been able to progress the many items we have identified and I certainly appreciate the all of support received this year.

Many items have come before the Council including primary and secondary schools, new housing developments, retail developments all of which deliver many challenges for the members in the understanding of the formal processes, procedures, rules and regulations and how best to review, comment and hopefully have some influence on the outcomes.

This is currently a very important time for all of us in Kintore as we review and progress the chance we now have for improving the community facilities in the East Kintore and the Town Park developments, the new primary school along with the chance to improve and increase the use of our beautiful Town House. The consultations with developers, has made them aware of our community aspirations and hopefully opens up the way for some good results in the planning gain negotiations.

Whilst some community facilities are to be provided within the new primary school and we await the results of an audit being carried by the Council on our behalf to help us identify what sustainable sports facilities are suitable for a town the size of Kintore.

We are hopeful that the council will decide favourably on a new Academy at Kintore, delivering even further facilities on the coming 3-4 years.

In line with current trends I see social media outlets are an excellent way of sharing and communicating the views of the community and the council and I see more of this being used to share the good news , comment on currents topics and receive public opinion for all our benefit.

It is important to keep this all going as the more we share our opinions the better placed we all are to make better decisions that reflect community opinion.

I would like to thank those responsible for the website, Kintore Konnect and our local papers for the ongoing support and publication of the many items reported in the past year.

We have enjoyed great support from the local businesses and individuals for the provision of the floral displays again this year and I must mention Ainslie Reid and his team of volunteers who have done a terrific job in delivering and maintaining fantastic displays.

Appreciation should also be shown to the individuals who toiled to transform the weed bound area at the bottom of Lochburn Drive into a tidy floral display area, along with due thanks to the contributors of the materials, well done all !!

We have had terrific support from the Community in our progressing facilities for the growing community and I am hopeful that in the next year we will see some success from our efforts and be able to improve in the near future on the facilities on offer in the town.

People do care what is happening and have strong opinions on what needs to happen for the future benefit of Kintore.

So, I look forward to my second year as chairman and strongly recommend all to get involved in some way, we have vacancies in the Community Council and the more members we have the more we will be able to take on and hopefully progress.

So come on, let’s all get going for the benefit of Kintore.

Thank you

Brian Johnstone
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