A new lease of life for our Town House

It is good to hear that attentions are turning to finding a new use to give a new lease of life to Kintore Town House. It is a magnificent and historic building that has been the jewel in the crown at the centre of our Royal Burgh of Kintore since 1747.

Since Kintore Burgh Council was dissolved in the 1970s, the council chamber has been little used. It used to be the venue for Kintore and District Community Council meetings, but these were moved because of the difficult access to the chamber.

Kintore Millennium Stone

The access difficulty is because of the building’s most distinctive feature – the double staircase leading to the council chamber on the first floor. Under the stair is the door to the old town jail. Originally the building also included a schoolroom and grain store. More recently, as you can see on the history page, part of the Town House was used as a shop and post office.

Now a group has been set up to look at potential new uses for the building.

The neglected state of Kintore Town House has been an issue that Kintore.org.uk has highlighted over the years. A historic building like this should be cherished and utilised.

We look forward with great interest to the proposals that come from the group studying how to give Kintore Town House a new life.
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