Kintore to Fintray road floods for third time

This is proving to be one of the wettest periods for years with a series of rainstorms sweeping the country and it has resulted in three flooding closures of the B977 Kintore to Hatton of Fintray road in the past month.

Kintore River Don flooding

Kintore River Don flooding truck

car in Kintore flood

The first two photographs were taken just before 9 am this morning one of which shows a truck that ignored the “road closed” signs and decided to chance the floodwater. The third picture is from lunchtime with an abandoned car, whose driver presumably wishes they had heeded the “road closed” signs because, this time, they were not scaremongering.

This section of road is notorious for flooding and there are fixed warning signs on either side of the river warning that the area is liable to flooding.
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