Community council responds to local plan consultation

Kintore and District Community Council chair Brian Johnstone has submitted the community council’s response to the Main Issues Report consultation, which ends tomorrow (February 1, 2014). In it, the community council chair argues that the Gateway Kintore site should be included in the Aberdeenshire Council Local Development Plan 2016.

In the letter, Mr Johnstone points out that the community has already made its feelings known by expressing aspirations for improved shopping facilities and community amenities. He believes the proposals outlined in the council’s Main Issues Report do not address these aspirations and amenities for a town with a future population in excess of 5,000.

supermarket for KIntore

The letter points to the proposed housing developments for 600 houses and that this will create a further demand for full-time and part-time employment in retail, hotel and other businesses. The Gateway Kintore development, the letter continues, “will provide at least some more of these opportunities in the type of business which have a demand for part-time workers”.

Mr Johstone also points out that there are currently no other potential developments that would provide the facilities that Gateway Kintore proposes. “The existing identified sites cannot provide the size required for a proposed supermarket,” Mr Johnstone writes, adding that the proposed site on the A96 corridor would help sustain “a large retail development, hotel complex and hopefully a petrol station”.

Looking at the wider local region, Mr Johnstone highlights that Inverurie Business Association support the Gateway Kintore proposal, recognising that it would reduce congestion in Inverurie.


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